How do I save money with Save10?

Here are a few video's that will show you the way.

How do I join Save10 to save money? Saving 10% or more with Save10 is easy.  There are only 2 steps to get started.  If all you want to do is take advantage of the saving opportunity, and not the associate program where you can make a good income sharing the program with others, then just go to My Save10 Website and enroll as a customer.

Ok, but I really want to know more before I commit!  Sure, no problem.  Here is another short video that explaines it even more!

Curious about the App? Here are some screen shots!

Save10 App Main Screen
This is the main screen of the Save10 app after logging in.  

save10 All locations list
Here is a list of stuff in the Kansas City area. It's a long scrolling list.

a save10 merchant offer
Here is what it looks like when you tap on a merchant offer.  This can be a little different for each merchant.

Final thoughts.  Let me pull this together for you.

The save10 system is compromised of 3 basic elements.

1.  It a membership based app that installes on your phone.  With it you can save money at over 200,000 locations nation wide and that number is growing daily!  As a save10 member, you are welcome to introduce the save10 program to merchants.  If they signup you then you just "Made your Own Discount" with a business you already use!

2.  Save10 is a business opportunity. By becoming a save10 associate, you can earn a good monthly residual income simply by introducing the save10 program to people.

3.  Save10 is FREE ADVERTISING for businesses.  Giving a 10% discount is way cheaper then other forms of advertising and you will know when it works, because a customer will be standing in front of you with CASH IN HAND every time it works.  And if it doesn't work, it costs you nothing. This beats all other advertising models hands down, because you really don't know when those are working.

Final, Final Thoughts.. I promise..

There is a 4th way to run this program..  I call it Save10 TO THE MAX...  That's not official.. That's just me.. LOL..  But it works like this..


As a Merchant, expecially retail and small business locations, you are perfectly situated to expand your own customer base by signing up new save10 members and associates.  Plus, when you do, you add to your income stream, which will even nullify the discounts you are offering.  It's the best.  If you are a business owner.  If you sell stuff or provide needed services.  If you want to increase customer loyality.  Then I highly recommend not only becoming a merchant in the Save10 program but an associate as well.


If you have read all of this, visited the web site, watched the video's and you still on the fence, I will gladly communicate with you VIA my Facebook Save10 Prospects Group.  I will even call you if you want me to or let you call me.  But I start all my communicate through facebook.  If you don't use facebook, then my contact information will be availabe to you after you sign up as an associate at Save10.  I won't put my personal contact information on this site to prevent spammers and to prevent other online issues.

Make Money?

  • Wait!  I thought Save10 was about saving money.  Yes- it is about saving money, but what if you could earn a good residual income just by shaing the app with other people?  If this sounds like something you would like to try, investigate the links above, and if you want to talk to me about it, join the Dreamteam Prospects Forum and I'll tell you all about it.

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My name is Wayne Campbell and I proudly and enthusiastically support the mission of Save10.  Everyone can save money using this system.   And yes, I am a Save10 Associate.